LibreELEC 9.0.2 for NanoPi K2

  • Hi everyone,

    If anyone of you has read my previous posts, you would know that running LibreELEC on mainline 5.3 kernel has not been flawless for the NanoPi K2. There are things I can work around or cope with such as missing WIFI or Bluetooth, but I haven't been able to solve the issue with playing Widevine content (e.g. Netflix).

    So, after checking around / asking in the forums and not finding a solution, I have compiled a working version of LE for the NanoPi K2. It is not based on the latest version by any means. Specifically:

    - LE version is 9.0.2 (Kodi 18.2)

    - u-boot is v2015.01

    - kernel is 3.14

    Despite not being the latest in everything, it works out rather well. The following has been tested:

    - Playing 1080p content with hardware decoding (I haven't tested 4K content because I only have FHD screens :-/)

    - WiFi but note that I haven't been able to stream 1080p without buffering every few seconds. It could be a problem with the driver or the chipset - I don't know. I just used a USB WiFi dongle to work around this.

    - Ethernet

    - Bluetooth

    - HDMI-CEC

    - Playing Widevine content (Netflix is 720p software-decoded of course due to its licensing policy)!

    You can download the image here and write it to MicroSD card with LibreELEC USB-SD creator. I have not tested writing to eMMC but I'm quite certain it will not boot from eMMC with the current u-boot script.

    Sources can be found here (9.0.2-nanopi-k2 branch).

    To compile from source:

    1. > git clone
    2. > cd
    3. > git checkout 9.0.2-nanopi-k2
    4. > PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=NanoPi_K2 ARCH=arm make image

    Thanks all!