Pi 4 - Netflix Addon 720p vs. 1080p

  • Hi there,

    i have an Pi 4 with 4 GB and LE 9.1.501 (Beta1).

    I installed the latest Netflix Addon with inputstream adaptive (both latest versions 0.15.2 and 2.3.22)

    If i go to settings with 720p software decode every video file works fine.

    If i change to 1080p (PI 4 has enough power) i get regularly frame drops and black screens for few seconds.

    My Whitelist has 1080p 60, 50 and 23.98 Hz entrys.

    Anyone else with same problems?

    Log with 1080p inputstream.adaptive (doesnt work)


    Log with 720p inputstream.adaptive (work)


  • thanks!

    But this is not my issue ... i got black screens für few seconds ... not stuttering

    i make a video to show...


    So you can see no black screens with 720p (beginning) i switch to 1080p (Minute 01:55) and geht black screens regularly.

    No idea why ....

  • It looks like it is trying to change the framerate on the fly.

    Can you try with "adjust display refresh rate" set to "on start / stop"?

  • That is my default setting.

    But there dorops are only by netflix addon. Every 720p or 1080p works fine.

    I guess its a problem with inputstream.adaptive?