Sd from pi3 to pi4 ?

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    Going by the above, the Pi4 uses 9.1.002

    I'm guessing the answer will be no... but figured why the hell not, just ask.

    But since I have that same version running on a Raspberry Pi 3, can I take that SD card and plug it into the Raspberry Pi 4 basically having it work right out of the gate?

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  • I backup previous to any change, but how do you upgrade the architecture like that on a Raspberry Pi 3 making it gtg for the Pi 4 ?

    Almost sounds like it'd be simpler to do a fresh install and then take a backup and reload it that way since the backup is, afaik, addons etc. / non core conflicting code.

  • gosh, sry had a brain bug and forgot half of the sentence :D

    Put SD card at your RPi3, drop the LE RPi4 image to your update folder and also add an .nocompat file (empty file is enough) at this folder then restart. After successful update you use the RPi4 image at RPi3 -> switch cards and everything !should! be okay.

  • sounds good in theory, thx.

    Give that a go when the Pi4 arrives.

    As for the file. Like a .nocompat to file so ends .txt

    Or mod a file so it ends .nocompat if ya follow me. So blank name.

  • Pi showed up today, original order got a little whatever but anyway, on 9.1.501 or whatever the hell it is. For the RPI 4, using the above suggested methods. Up and running like a charm.

    Only been playing with it for maybe 30 minutes. But as far as I can tell, no issues found doing that no compatible upgrade or whatever you want to call it on the rpi3 and then moving the card to the 4 keeping all addons and settings in place.