Rpi4 Choppy out os sync Mpeg2 streams

  • It seems like my Rpi4 can't handle Mpeg2 streams from my Mythtv backend. Video is choppy and the audio is way out of sync with everything except for animated shows like Family Guy, they play fine??? My model 3b with hardware decode plays everything great.

    It doesn't look like a CPU thing as the on screen debug output only shows about 50% CPU utilization. I transcoded a few recording to h264 and they play fine and I could live with that but live TV is unwatchable.

    Anybody else experiencing this or have any ideas. I was so disappointed after finally getting the model 4 and finding out there's no hardware decode for Mpeg2.

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  • I was just dealing with this. In my case is was 1080i wtv files created by Windows Media Center. I solved the choppy video and audio sync problem by turning the setting "Sync playback to display" ON. I was connected to a 1920x1080 monitor by HDMI. I'm still have a problem with these files, but now it is limited to the audio where I get cracks and pops while playing the file. The audio connection is analog to an external speaker The video is however smooth and the audio is in sync. I had no problems, before or after, with 720p wtv files or H264 and H265 1080p video files. I'm at a loss at this point and might try to install Kodi under Raspian to compare. Any help would be appreciated.

  • I may be having the same issue.

    My server is now a Pi 4 and when I watch live tv with my other Pi in my living room, sometimes it stops playing for a few seconds, audio is out of sync sometimes and sometimes it gets pixelated.

    I though it could be a network issue but with my 3B+ I had previously, it wasent an issue.