Do you recommend upgrading from Krypton to Leia on an AMD A4-5000 (Kabini)?

  • Asking here because I think there was some Leia pre-release information indicating that VDPAU/VAAPI acceleration would not work on Leia (or that there would be some drop of software support for VDPAU, don't remember here sorry...). I believe it was this bulletin: Development Update – LibreELEC

    Most likely I've misinterpreted the information presented there, that is why I'm asking here for advice to upgrade or not. Thanks in advance for any info provided.

  • Your best bet would be to try the latest X86 version 9.2 on a USB flash drive (Don't install) and see if everything works as expected. There is ALWAYS issues with certain graphic cards.

    If not, then stick with what works unless you really really really need to upgrade.

  • Definitely try a USB stick, but for what it is worth I am still happily using my silent, fanless system from 2012 today with no issues with current stable LE (for 1080p). When I finally bite the 4k bullet I'll have to put it to rest but it has been a truly amazing friend these past 7 years. About a year after this article I switched to LE and never looked back. When they switched from VDPAU to VAAPI, I don't think I even noticed... Silent, fanless, powerful XBMC build - Streacom FC8 with A6 APU build notes... (pretty sure the APU is A6-3500 from memory...)

  • I'm also in 1080p, with an spdif output to my ac3/dts amp. From the looks of it, I'll take a full backup and then upgrade (to check my entire setup).

    If something does not work, I'll just reinstall Krypton and restore...