Accessing a self-signed HTTPS site

  • Hello all,

    got two libreelec installations, one with Krypton and one with Leia (the latter one on an Odroid C2). I've got also a server on the net on which I'm uploading my videos etc. Access to this server is made using its ip address (ie no name is used, although I could use one). On Leia I'm not able to connect to this HTTPS server, even though I'm using the exact same credentials with LE krypton.

    Reading further it seems that Leia checks the certificate first. How can I access this site on leia? I've found a couple of posts, one indicating adding |verifypeer=false on the server URL, the other downloading the site's crt file, converting it to pem format and then uploading it to my leia box as ~/.config/cacert.pem. The latter does not seem to work, whereas for the former a couple of posts indicate that it will also not work...

    Should cacert be appended to a file elsewhere (for example /usr/share/kodi/system/certs/ ). Or would |verifypeer=false just work?

  • For using cacert.pem you must be sure that name or IP address match the cert and server.

    Adding |verifypeer=false in sources.xml should also work. Post kodi debug log in case it doesn't.