LibreELEC 9.1.002 & USB SSD Corruption

  • I'm running 9.0.2 on two platforms: Intel Atom and RasPi 3, trying with the same USB SSD disk. No issues at all on Intel.

    On RasPi each time I watch the movie, next time the disk doesn't mount, when I connect it to regular PC it shows "disk corrupted", but quick scan & fix is repairing it without loosing any data.

    So I have weird procedure:

    1. fix the SSD in Windows PC (just scan & repair)

    2. connect it to OE on RasPi, watch the movie

    3. switch off all, now the disk appears to be corrupted, so when I start OE/RasPi again, it will not see this USB SSD anymore

    4. so go to step 1

    What OE/RasPi logs may help to pinpoint this issue? Or maybe I missed that is is known issue?

  • Updated to 9.1.002, same issue - I was trying with "not clean" unmounting but also with clean unmounting as well, without the difference, the disk appears to be corrupted after unplugging from raspi (although after quick windows "repair" nothing bad is visible to data stored on that disk).

    Here are the logs:

  • it seems that last stable release of ntfs-3g driver was in March 2017, perhaps this is related?

    but why it works fine on Intel? automatic unmount works differently on RPi and Intel?

  • adam.h.

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