Update from 9.0.2 to 9.1.002, Pi3B (fan cooled) is freezing.

  • Anyone else see any odd behaviour?

    My pi is mildly custom, very mild.

    I run pihole docker (NOT the addon, direct on the system) and I've made a couple of cron jobs to perform a backup.

    I have Aura Skin and I have some auto library scan plugin and a few things.

    Has anyone seen any issues of any kind?

    It could be something else, I'm trying to isolate it.

    EDIT: why is my post "disabled until approved by moderator" ? I didn't think I had been rude or got in any trouble here, that I know of?

  • So it's now behaved but I don't know why it was initially unstable - I'll continue to update the thread, there could be other issues which caused this.