Disable RPi shutdown from remote?

  • TL;dr
    How to disable RPi shutdown command for power button on remote?

    Ever since RPi & KODI both suggested LibreELEC to replace OE from their official twitter accounts, I have been a fan of LE (though it's only been one version, I am eagerly waiting for next stable). It has been working great on my RPi, surprised that it my oneforall universal IR remote (not as great as Harmony, but works) worked fine out of box with minimum fuss. (I had to press and config codes for each button on OE).

    But there is a tiny but irritating issue. Any accidental push on power button on the remote shuts down the RPi. And of course, it doesn't start by remote again.

    The GUI addon of keymap editor doesn't help. Where do I find the config file to edit/disable?