• Hi all, I just installed the latest Librelec with kodi 18.3 on my Raspberry Pi4B. It all seems to work fine until I try to watch a tv show or movie or any kind of video. I only hear audio but the screen remains black. I tried to fix it with some solutions online. But the options there suggest to change the render method. But, this is greyed out on this version even when set to expert mode. Any ideas? thanks y'all!

  • Have you tried both HDMI video outputs on the RPi4? If I recall correctly video is only supported on the output closest to the power connector.

  • I get the same thing with a fresh instal of Librelec and Kodi 18.3 on rpi4. Can browse fine, but once a stream is selected, only audio plays and screen stays black. I'm using HDMI 1. Tried HDMI 2, but get no signal. Tried different cable too. Changed every video/display setting I could find in the GUI. No luck. Not sure why render method is greyed out in expert mode.

  • Hello all, having the same issue. Failed in all below mentioned solutions :

    1) Render Method greyed out so tried toggling hardware acceleration

    2) Installed Input Stream Adaptive, configured it for my Tv's resolution.

    Nothing works, guys please revert with a solution.

  • hi,

    are you sure you using the HDMI Port closest to the usb-c power?

    Tried that port, but it won't even throw a signal to the TV. Port 1 works perfect until a stream is selected. It plays audio, and the controller is visible, but the video signal stays black. I have not edited the config files yet, but at this point, my rpi3 works fine, so I probably won't do it. I've reassigned my 4 to some IoT tasks and I'll wait for the bugs to be fixed before trying libreelec on it again.

  • I also am receiving the exact same error on a RPi4B. Tried both HDMI ports and played around with various video settings. I also posted a debug log in general support today and hope for a fix.

    Looks like I'll be staying on my Pi3 until this issue is addressed.

    Edit: I had not tried using the HDMI port closest to the power jack - after switching to it, I do indeed have both video and audio.

    Glad there seems to be a fix (at least for me)!

    Edited once, last by Libreuser9231: Tried HDMI1 - this resolved the issue ().