Geniatech MyGica T230C and LibreElec

  • Hello, I bought the Geniatech MyGica T230C DVB-T2 and I would like to use it on the last version of LibreElec (Krypton v7.90.006) because it should have a good support of H265 on the Raspberry Pi 3 (for what I read, with some overclocking it should work with 1080p H265, the format used for HD channels here in Germany with the new DVB-T2 standard).
    The MyGica T230C driver has just been written and has to be manually installed on linux:

    git clone
    cd media_build
    ./build --main-git
    sudo make install

    after downloading the kernel sources (in Raspbian I would use the rpi-source).
    The problem is that LibreElec works on a read-only filesystem, so I cannot proceed as I would with my Raspbian.
    Can you help me? Thank you in advance!

  • Did I choose the wrong section of the forum? I thought my question was not so uncommon and unsolvable.. Thanks anyway

    Well the development section would likely be more appropriate. Additionally there are already a couple of posts where people asked on how you can include a driver, so using the search function is highly recommended.

    Btw. the RPI3 can play some H265 files decently. But as this is software decoding, and stressing the CPU, I wouldn't call it "good support".

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