Buffering on Ethernet

  • I did a fresh install of LE 9.0.1 on a Chromebox. I'm using MariaDB on Synology, where I have all my media stored.

    When I play a video I am getting a lot of buffering. The Chromebox is connected via Ethernet.

    Any database query are also slow. I have a NFS mount and I can play the same video with no buffering.

    I also have Kodi installed on Windows 10, using the same MariaDB and video sources and I have no buffering, even on WiFi.

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  • I don't remember seeing a post here or on Mlhouse' s pages saying that this issue had been fixed. I've been using the workaround which was posted last winter. No big deal. It all works fine. Just curious.

  • I don't remember a post on the Milhouse build thread either. The fix was included added in kernel 5.0.8 (and 4.19.35). I found this post though from Matt "Mr. Chromebox" Devo where he wrote that the network issue is fixed in LE 9.0.2 ChromeBox Kodi E-Z Setup Script (LibreELEC/Linux+Kodi) [2017/02/21]

    I don't have any Chromeboxes myself, just remembered that the network issue came up numerous times in the Milhouse x86 thread.

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