[How to] Interpret RPi vcgencmd get_throttled

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    The raspberry pi has a command to determine whether the RPi has been "throttled" for what ever reason.

    vcgencmd get_throttled

    The output - in pure programmers methodology, is not user friendly.

    So what does 0x0, 0x50005, 0x50000 exactly mean?

    Thanks to popcornmix and harlemsquirrel for the following.

    ||||             ||||_ under-voltage
    ||||             |||_ currently throttled
    ||||             ||_ arm frequency capped
    ||||             |_ soft temperature reached
    ||||_ under-voltage has occurred since last reboot
    |||_ throttling has occurred since last reboot
    ||_ arm frequency capped has occurred since last reboot
    |_ soft temperature reached since last reboot

    For a better understanding. See harlemsquirrel.

    NOTE: The script is slightly out of date as bits 3 and 19 have now been added since the page was published. Here


    0x0 means nothing wrong

    0x50000 means throttled has occurred since the last reboot.

    0x50005 means you are currently under-voltage and throttled.