RK3288 XT-Q8L-V10 aka Chiptrip image

  • Hello all,

    You can download the image at:


    LibreELEC-XT-Q8L-V10.arm-9.1.002-rk3288.img - not tested

    Image is based on the MIQI image

    More or less a proof of concept but .... working


    1) Read and follow: XT-Q8L-V10 – Armbian - be careful to backup your android image if you plan to go back (I didn't back it up and lost it forever :D, but hey at least I got Libreelec to run)

    2) grab the image above and burn it on a SDCARD

    What works (I quickly tested):

    HW acc at least for H264

    Resolution up to 3840x2160p @ 25Hz

    Onboard Ethernet

    Audio via HDMI

    Maybe more, just download and test - at least for me it's enough since I mainly watch IP TV and H264

    What does not work:

    REBOOT !!! - it actually shuts down the device, you will have to manually power on the device

    Wireless - sorry, just pop a rtl8188eu and you are good to go

    THANKS to:

    jock @ forum.armbian.com for the help with uboot, the Q8 defconfig and the Q8 device tree

    ROCKCHIP for the uboot documentation at: http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_u-boot

    !!!! PS !!!!

    AVOID balenaEtcher on MAC, honestly I wrote a lot of images with etcher in the past before balena and worked OK, now they just don't work for me and created a false sense of images not working.

    I used the Disk Image Writer from a Ubuntu VM to burn the image.

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