Raspberry Pi 4: Issue with damaged HEVC file

  • Hi folks,

    testing my Raspberry 4 2GB now since a week with LibreElec, and I run into the following issue: I recorded a DVB-T2 transmission (Germany = HEVC). I watched it while recording, and since my test was done with not the best antenna reception, I had half a dozen glitches, where the signal went too bad and I had a continuity error. When watching live, the Raspberry coped with it just fine - short picture distortion, and on we go. When I watch the recording, right at the first glitch playback stops. I can still use the navigation bar, like e.g. cursor left/right, but playback does not start again, and after a few seconds, the whole player freezes, incl. the playback controls. Issue is reproducible.

    Played the same file then on my LePotato (with CoreElec), which also hickupped on the glitch, but recovered itself and went on playing just fine.

    Any idea how to tackle this? I can put the recording somewhere for download if it helps troubleshooting.



  • Hi!

    Anything new on this issue? I just installed LibreELEC on a Raspberry PI 4 4GB last week using NOOBS and I got the same issue. My recording is 1920x1080 H.265 from Czech DVB-T2 taken using TVHeadend and stored on the SD card. It plays OK on a laptop using software decoding but crashes the hardware video decoder of the Raspberry always on the same spot. After that, hardware decoding does not start again, but MPEG2 still plays. The problem must be in the VideoCore 6 driver. Is there any way to help debug it? Overheating does not seem to be the issue. Increasing the video memory does not help. There is nothing in journalctl.