Ftp transfer/file transfer

  • hello, I have an odd problem ever since running LE on my Minix with a exfat USB formatted hdd

    .whe ever I try to stream a 4k hdr file from that particular drive I get infinite buffering. So decided to format the drive to ext4 as all the rest of my drives. Only issue I have to transfer all my files to another drive which is hooked to my router but I cant seem to find a correct way. I login to minix using sftp and my router using ftp, the router accept files just fine and the transfer is complete however the other way around doesnt work. What's the fastest way to do this ?

  • The EXT file system has additional parameters, compared to FAT. Check the file user name and group of your EXT drive. The user name / group should be the same like on your LE /storage directory.

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