Geniatech / Mygica A681 ATSC USB tuner

  • Also sold re-branded by 'Mohu'.

    I am only posting this here in the off chance it is useful to someone...

    In this linux-media post,

    someone mentioned this cheap atsc tuner that didn't work in linux yet..

    So I bought a couple to play around with and got it working, fairly decent.

    Only issue so far is that haven't been able to get any meaningful i2c reads from the demod's AGC registers.

    So the 'Strength' will always report 0%. Not even sure if the windows driver reports strength properly, so

    hard to troubleshoot, with no documentation other than source code. As in a windows application used to

    test and capture logs, smartDVB, it was always reading 97% strength, whether locked to a good signal

    or attempting to tune an known channel with no expected signal.

    But, at least it can work now on a modern linux kernel.

    This branch, 'stock' should build an out of tree cxusb module u can install on a stock kernel / media_tree.

    The 'master' branch, is only meant for users of UDL's v4l-updatelee tree.

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  • Got the signal strength to report correctly in dBm now. Had to pull it from the tuner chip.

    I still don't think the Windows Driver really does anything with strength. If it does, it doesn't do it correctly.

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