Possible to easily convert UEFI to legacy for x86_64?

  • I have 2 cheap Chinese NM70 systems that have served me very well. However lately one seems to always reset BIOS settings ptting it into Legacy boot and the other seems to no longer want to boot UEFI mode. The answer to the obvious is yes I have changed the batteries in bith systems, The disks have been verified and boot other machines.

    My question is is it possible to convert my back-up USB that is UEFI, to Legay boot? I have MANY MANY custom sripts and custom functions programmed outside of the normal Kodi tuff.

    I was thinking of taking a chance and running Ubuntu boot repair on it and see if it would perfoem some kind of Magic. I think I would then end up with GUB and maybe a mess.

    It seems I recall a ultility to back up and restore that was specific to LibreElec but it probably backs up only addons and settings right?

    Also I read somewhere once that there was a bootloader that allowed Legacy systems to load UEFI, much like they do in hackintosh communities, even making OSX boot on Legacy BIOS.

    Ok I have seen there UEFI/Legacy questions around the web so many times and always have the same question. How is it that a CD or DVD like Ubuntu can boot Legacy or UEFI but I can not make an installed OS that does?

    Thanks for any help.

  • Here is what I learned and damn am I impressed!

    If I make a Back-up of Livreelec, all of m scripts and the whole she-bang gets backed up

    if I then restore to a fresh install, it all works, the whole she-bang

    This was all on x86_64 so I can not speak for other platforms