Freeze on rock64 after a few minute

  • Hi,

    My bug is on a rock64 using the image LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-8.90.015-rock64.img.gz

    I got a strange bug, LE often (always) freeze after a few minutes once started at first time.

    I disabled the automatic media-library update. Whatever I do, nothing or starting to browse my media on the NAS, or watching a movie, it freeze after a few minutes when its the first run (I only start it on the evening).

    I hard restart it (its completely frozen), and after this second start, I never got a second freeze, I can watch my movies without any problem.

    Two points to notice:

    - I re-installed it from scratch, and I got the same problems

    - I installed LE on a Rock64Pro, and I never got any freeze

    Thanks for the great tools.