[SOLVED]Harmony Ultimate One & Antec Fusion Remote Max

  • Hi,

    I'm pretty happy with LibreELEC.
    Recently I bought a logitech Harmony Ultimate One remote in order to have only one remote to control everything.

    But i've got a problem with the HTPC case I use. It's an Antec Fusion Remote Max. This case comes with a RM200 remote.
    This remote work perfectly with LibreELEC using Imon in settings.

    On the Logitech remote I setup a bunch of remote in order to control the case like it was the RM200 remote.
    A lot of them does simply not work at all and some of them work but I need to press the button a long time.
    For exemple if I want to go right in the menu, I need to do a long press on right and be quick to release the button however It can go twice or third times on the right.
    It's very disappointing.

    Have you got some idea to tweak that ?
    Maybe the configuration of my Logitech remote is not good or maybe there is something to modify on my LibreELEC configuration.

    Thank you in advance guys.

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  • Hi,

    With the previous version of Libreelec I finally managed to get the remote working with my case using the plug-in imon-MCE.

    But now with the new version of Libreelec I've got a problem.
    Everything work fine except when I turn off, The backlight of the LCD screen is constantly on.
    It's very annoying for me.

    Can you help me please ?

    Thank you.

  • Finally I solved my problem myself.
    In fact the lcd is not handle by kodi anymore.
    You need to install an extension for that ...