ASUS N3050M-E?

  • Hi I'm thinking of building a low-power system based on this board; it's just a very basic machine and it's not required to do trandcoding or streaming or anything like that.

    Does this board have H265 hardware decoding? I think it's Intel Braswell so according to a lot of guides it should, as it's Intel Graphics HD400, but I checked the usermanual on Asus website and it only mentions H265, not H265.

    Or would the CPU itself be able to cope? It's just SD video that is H265 encoded

    The board is chosen for it's price and because I happen to have some DDR3 I could use in it.

    Or would it be better to go a step up and get a later board with something more up to date? I want to use an integrated CPU. The machine, as I said, is very basic and not required anything more than play back video on local storage.