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    Thanks guys. I actually have no spare IR's and FLIRC dongles aren;t cheap here.. I should also have mentioned I'm in Great Britain, and the airmouse linked above is US only (it's not even on Ebay here). However, given that WeChip is a very popular brand and most bluetooth air mice work in the same way, it seems likely if that one worke dout of the box, then a WeChip would as well?

    Hi, I'm currently building an HTPC and plan to base it around Librelec. I'm fine with building the box itself but I'll be wanting to use a remote control that just plugs in and works as I am completely unfamiliar with Linux. I'm currently looking at something like the WeChip Air Mouse which handily provides a keypad on the back as well as being an air mouse. It uses Bluetooth rather than IR. Or would it be better to get something like an RC6 compliant remote? Unfortunately these are getting quite thin on the ground anyway, even via Ebay and a lot of them don;t come with an IR receiver/dongle either. At one time they were really common but I suspect bluetooth-air mouse style ones have beocm emore popular. Can anyone provide advice?

    Hi I'm thinking of building a low-power system based on this board; it's just a very basic machine and it's not required to do trandcoding or streaming or anything like that.

    Does this board have H265 hardware decoding? I think it's Intel Braswell so according to a lot of guides it should, as it's Intel Graphics HD400, but I checked the usermanual on Asus website and it only mentions H265, not H265.

    Or would the CPU itself be able to cope? It's just SD video that is H265 encoded

    The board is chosen for it's price and because I happen to have some DDR3 I could use in it.

    Or would it be better to go a step up and get a later board with something more up to date? I want to use an integrated CPU. The machine, as I said, is very basic and not required anything more than play back video on local storage.

    Hi, I'm about to build myself an HTCP and it will be using Librelec. I'm completely confident about the hardware except for one thing, and that's which remote control to pick. I believe I am correct when I say that Libreelc is based around Linux and that it includes support for remotes as does Linux itself these days and that many remotes require little to no setup.

    Can someone recommend one? I just want something simple that works out of the box, without my having to fiddle around with keymapping and stuff. It can be IR or BT, so long as it works without my having to faff around with settings (I realise you have to enable BT and do the pairing) - nothing fancy, so long as things like the home and power buttons work as they should.

    There are lots of them around, like MXQ M8 clones and the like...I do not wish to use a Harmony, too expensive.

    I am in the Uk by the way, so it would be helpful to avoid links to items in say the USA although of course many do ship to Europe.

    What I don;t want to happen is to do the "hard bit" which is building the box and getting everything set up, only to get to what should be the "easy bit", that is using it turn out to be the frustrating and difficult task :)