Backups and different platform?

  • Something just came to me and I was wondering if it may actually be causing the issues I've noticed.

    I have two systems but each system is different. An Intel box with an Nvidia card and an oDroid C2.

    Because Kodi can be extensively customized what I did was build a system out how I like it and then save a backup. I then installed a clean LE into the other system and restore the backup.

    Would that backup of the other system contain the specific system for that specific hardware (ie. an oDroid C2 image restored to the Intel box) or are the backups universal in a way and can be used in this manner?

  • There will be device specific audio/video configuration in guisettings.xml and Kodi binary add-ons will be compiled for the wrong CPU arch which will cause errors and maybe crashing. It's not impossible to migrate data, but the best approach will be taking a backup and then doing a manual restore of specific bits (unpack the .tar archive and move files around) not a full restore via the LE settings add-on. If you do that, you'll have issues.