[Bug] When GUI at 1080p50Hz, then no true 23.976, just with 60Hz

  • I used my MiniMX before at 1080p60hz gui because then so smooth the gui, and worked for me all the 23.976,24,25,30,50,60 hz. When i warched movie with 23.976 the avr and tv info showed me 23hz
    Because i watch tv too with minimx, what is 50hz in europe , i decided better set up gui to 1080p50 because then not change frequency when i watch tv when i switch back to gui, and back to live tv.
    I set to 1080p50 the gui , and leave start/stop the auto frequency change.
    After that live tv and gui has the same speed, but i noticed, moovies with 23.976 sometimes stutter a little. I see my avr-s and tv-s info panel, and see, the 23.976 film played at 24 hz.
    I try everything, restart, renistall, and i thinking what changed before...
    I figured out, just gui frequency changed only, i set back to gui 1080p60hz, and voila...
    23.976 work again.

    so when gui 1080p50hz
    23.976hz movie played at 24 hz
    24 hz movie played 24 hz too.

    when gui setted to 1080p60hz
    23.976 movie plaayed at 23.976
    24 hz movie played 24hz

    dmesg pastebinit:
    Full log attached

    Updated :
    I wrote this when was available, but sadly no positive result until

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  • No one knows, what cause this problem?

    Would be good keep at 1080p50 the gui, then european movies, and live tv not make everytime change refresh rate, when i watch..

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  • I can confirm the same behavoir on a wetek hub with both latest 7 G and H build version.
    Got clear repro everytime if it switch from 50 hz.

    From 60hz no issues...

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  • Thank you so much for bumping this!

    I had my GUI set to 50Hz in Jarvis since I got the S905X recently and now I finally know why I witnessed those micro-stutters every 40ish seconds.
    I did test various GUI refresh rates in Krypton, because of frame skipping issues, but not in Jarvis.

    Thanks to your bug report, I finally have smooth 23.976p playback - you made my day. :)

    Mini M8S II 2G/16G (S905X)