Odroid C2 and LE 8: what's the usual system load in sh?

  • Just noticed that running top, load is around 1.1 to 1.25. Is that "normal"? Just trying to figure out whether something is broken, and I want to avoid a re-format if possible.

  • Yes, for 3.14 Amlogic kernel this load in normal because of some kernel workers constantly running. The code is something from Amlogic that nobody wants to touch to not break anything. ;)

  • I just checked mine:

    I've got watchdog in the background and I'm pulling CPU temp, utilization and traffic via SNMP.

  • Thanks for the replies fellas, I did not receive any mail notifications for them somehow.

    bkiziuk: I don't know what your temps are, but if you remove the jumper near the usb connector and power the odroid via the circular plug, you should notice lower temps. Just a FYI! :)