Problem Internet connection between Windows 10, my VPN and modem

  • hello guys, I really need help ;(;(

    So I’ve been using VPN for a while now and changing my IP adress regularly. I use expressevpn which until now it worked impeccably. The hick now is every time I connect with expressevpn it's instantaneous, but no internet you have to wait at least 3min for my page to load and for my IP to change, same thing for disconnection (see 5mn). So I changed my VPN to Nordvpn. And it’s the same result. it's not from my vpn provider but from Windows 10 or my rooter.:?::?:

    i tried to hard reset my network in wondows 10 or by command :(

    netsh winsock reset

    netsh int ip set dns

    ipconfig /release

    ipconfig /renew

    ipconfig /flushdns

    i tried to put in ipv4 : Google DNS :

    3-4 mins for a page to load. Here are the errors I noted:


    ipv4: no internet

    Ipv6 no internet

    my network configuration:

    Realtek PCIe 1GbE Family Controller

    modem on DNS OPENDNS:



    ps: sorry for my english i'm french dude

  • A VPN is not an absolute necessary tool for Kodi or LibreELEC to function properly.

    As per Kodi's VPN policy:


    4 Why does Kodi need a VPN?

    In short, it doesn't.

    The use of a VPN to defeat geo-locking of a source (limitation of access to the IP address range of the local country of the source) is not something Team Kodi supports on this forum, as such support is not a basic function of Kodi. Further, using a VPN to try and hide access to known illegal sources (pirated media torrents most commonly, or those blocked by ISPs under coourt order) violates the piracy policy.

    And as a final reminder: this is not a Windows 10 forum.