PS3 Bluetooth Remote - Standby Not Working

  • Hello,

    Since upgrading to LibreELEC 9, the standby on my PS3 Bluetooth remote doesn't seem to be working so the battery drains in about 2 days (it would previously last about a month).
    I've tried turning the standby setting off and on again in the bluetooth device settings but no luck. The same issue has happened before on prior releases, but was working correctly on the most recent 8.x release I was using.

    I'm running 9.0.1 Generic on Intel NUC.

    Not sure what logs to provide, as the remote itself works - just seems to be killing the batteries

  • Hi Everyone.

    I finally took the leap and moved from OPENelec last install...

    And now I got most things back to what it was.. but my PS3 remote wont connect and pair.. I can see it on list but says it's busy..

    Please help without remote this NUC is useless