Emulator using

  • Hey, I installed gb/gba emu and now I try to run. I'm not sure where the Roms I have to place

    I don't find any folder for this after installation many emulators

    Can anybody help me please ?

    Libreelec 19

  • Thank you for response,

    I do that:

    but I can't start any GBC emulator

  • Your original question was where to place the ROMs. Now you want help with a game addon ?

    Did you try asking for help from the appropriate addon page ?

  • My main issue is that I'm not sure where I have to place the Roms - I want know the right place for the roms to launch the roma

  • Click on the "games" button on the main screen and then click on add files,

    If you don't have a "games" button, you might have it hidden in the interface / skins setup menu.

    I use the Confluence Skin, so it may be laid out differently in your case