Bluetooth-Audio Addon : disable passthrough when Bluetooth is connected

  • Hi all!

    Would it be possible to add an option in the Bluetooth-Audio add-on to disable passthrough when a Bluetooth device is connected ?

    Why? Well in my case, I have a hdmi-arc sound bar that supports AC3 decoding, so I enabled audio passthrough to have a good sound.

    But if I connect my Bluetooth headset while watching a movie with AC3 audio, then it just can't decode the AC3 and I have no sound. I have to manually disable audio passthrough, and not to forget to enabled it again after watching the video.

    So that would be awesome if the service could do it for me :)

    Also, IMHO, it should be optional, as maybe some people use a Bluetooth device that can decode AC3 (or any other codec), like some Bluetooth soundbar...

    Many thanks!


  • Thanks!

    I had a look earlier, and it seems easy using json-rpc (seems ^^).

    If you need me to try anything, please let me know :D