Chromium Browser

  • I've been using the Chromium browser with stellar results on my x86 Generic LE build then updated to V9.0 and audio went away. My rig is a Gigabyte Z77 i3 Intel system connected to a Sony via HDMI. I've read the fixes posted so far but none have worked for me. I've tried the addon settings hw:x,x with no results. Not sure of how to fix this so hoping one of the LE gurus might point me in the right direction. I'm comfortable using the terminal mode but total nubie to Linux sys stuff. I also tried the Chrome version and same issue. Any help appreciated.



  • Thanks for the reply. I'll check the settings again. One question I have about audio is what does the "keep audio alive" setting in Kodi do exactly and does it need to be set in some way for browser to work? I know this is probably basic stuff for you guys but I'm in the dark here.