"Forced only" subtitle language behaves as "Original language" subtitle language instead

  • Hello,

    I'm using LibreElec 9.0.0 on a NUC 5PPYH, and encounter a wrong behaviour from the subtitle language setting.

    Indeed, on an mkv file, when a subtitle track is defined as forced (so that it's always displayed), it only ends up displayed if it has the same language code as the audio track that's playing. That instead is the behaviour that's expected from setting preferred subtitle language as "Original language"

    For instance, with :

    - "eng" audio track/"eng" forced subtitle track: "Forced only" indeed displays the subtitles, which is OK

    - "gre" audio track/"eng" forced subtitle track: "Forced only" doesn't display the subtitles, which is bad

    This is so systematically easy to reproduce that I don't feel it needs much log providing, but tell me if you need anything more.