LibreELEC RPi3 Buffering Issues

  • Hey all,

    I posted this in the forums but using LE 9.0.0 so maybe better here.

    I updated to LibreElec 9 today and now getting buffering issues on certain larger files which worked perfectly fine previously. RPi3 is hard wired, I've also checked network speed with iperf and get ~97mbps.

    I'm running PlexKodiConnect, but also tried directly through SMB and the files still buffer (as Kodi says, 'caching').

    Seems not related to the codec, as it happens with other files I've tried that are H264 and VC-1 (I have the VC-1 key installed).

    Log is here: hastebin

    Log is right upto the start of the movie and couple of minutes in, where it buffers twice. I've also reset the system video and player settings but no joy.

    Reverting back to 8.2.5 and all these movies play perfectly fine without any buffering.

    Can someone please help?