Odroid C2 & Libreelec 9.0.0 Kernel in Panic Mode after installation

  • Dear Comunity,

    I´ve updated my Odroid C2 Emmc LE 8.2.5 to Leia 9.0.0 via the integrated update function.

    Everything went okay, the database was integrated, the addons were updated also and everything looked fine at the moment, but the blue LED is always flashing like a "Heartbeat" and showing me that the Kernel is in Panic Mode.

    The first two days the System was runnning without a Problem but now suddenly when watching a Movie and you press "Pause" and want to resume I get some problems.

    The Video is running at normal speed, but the audio sounds like beeing 2 x to slow .

    The next thing I´ve tried was a new and clean fresh installation of LE 9.0.0 but the Panic Mode & the Audio Problems stays on.

    Am I the only one having this "Panic Mode" Problem??

    And the last question is about the LE Imagefiles for the Odroid C2.

    LE 8.2.5 Image was named Odroid_C2.aarch64-8.2.5.img

    LE 9.0.0 is named Odroid_C2.arm-9.0.0.img.gz

    What is the difference between the aarch64 and the arm package, and will there be an aarch-9.0.0 in the future?

  • The heartbeat LED flash is normal, it should flash exactly like this, it does not indicate any "panic mode" whatsoever.

    Kernel panic results in an immediate halt of the whole system, so no, your installation is not panicking, on the contrary - the pulsating LED shows everything is OK and the operating system is still in control of the hardware.

    The audio problems sound like a glitch in your resampling settings. First, make sure you set your player to adjust the refresh rate to the video (Settings → Player → Videos → Playback / Adjust display refresh rate on start/stop (you can try "Always" as well).

    Then make sure your audio is configured correctly. Go to Settings → System → Audio and set "Output configuration" to "Fixed". Set the resampling quality to the lowest possible (Low/fast, you won't hear the difference anyway). Threshold for pitch correction to "2". Keep audio device alive: Always. I do limit the sample rate to 96 kHz due to other hardware, but 192 works as well.

    This should work. Again, the pulsating heartbeat LED is a sign of the OS working properly, not "kernel in panic mode". There is no panic "mode" anyway, it's not a mode of kernel working, it is a full stop and will always result in the screen looking like this (picture lifted from another thread on the forum):


  • Okay, I understand the meaning of your explanation about the heartbeat LED and I managed it with your link to disable the blue flashing light during the normal operation as it was under LE 8.2.5.

    Maybe there it was disabled by default.

    Most of the settings about my audio problems were already set, but i’ll give it a try to fix the sample rate and “fix the output configuration “.

    I’m just wondering why this problem happens not everyday but only suddenly ...

    And I can’t figure out what the triggers are..

    But I will keep you updated.

    Thank you so long :thumbup:

  • No prob. I believe I had this once or twice, but not any more. Perhaps (I am not an expert in codecs) it is down to some exotic settings in the file that is being played.

  • Short update...

    LE 9.0 is running for one week now without having any problems or glitches. Seems like my problem is solved and the thread can be closed.