Le Potato + LE9 experiences?

  • I'm contemplating the 2GB Le Potato. What is its play/decoding limitation today?

    4K? HEVC? 10bit? 30 refresh?

  • I am in the same boat. I want something that will receive official builds.

    According to the reviews on Amazon, it'll handle 4K/HEVC/10bit/30fps; however, one reviewer did mention that it could not handle 3D content. I suspect 3D will try to stage another comeback here in another 5 years or so, but for now, I don't think most people will miss the feature.

  • If you care about 3D support get an RPi3B+ as the Kodi/Pi codebase has the best support and all 3D media is 1080p which is within the capabilities of the Pi hardware. On everything else YMMV as most maintainers have written 3D off as a fad that passed and it's not really being tested.

    LePotato will handle 4k60 and the people behind LibreComputer are committed to good open-source support. Most of their core board development work is outsourced to the same people who maintain the Amlogic sections of the Linux kernel and who are leading mainline kernel work. The kernel doesn't have official reference hardware, but if it did, LePotato would be on the list.