Wetek Core - turn off with power button

  • Is it possible to change the behaviour of the power button on the wetek core? Now when you press it, the shutdown dialog appears what is strange as you still have to use the remote to turn off the box. Better should be to shutdown the Wetek Core when pushing the button,

  • It's the same thing on the x86 version ... I would also be interested in the possibility of shutting down with the power button

  • Create a keymap (or use the keymap editor addon) and assign the ShutDown() function to the power button - the Kodi default is ActivateWindow(ShutdownMenu)

    1. <keymap>
    2. <global>
    3. <keyboard>
    4. <power>ShutDown()</power>
    5. </keyboard>
    6. </global>
    7. </keymap>

    see also Keymap - Official Kodi Wiki

    so long,