Need some help with playlist information

  • Hi everyone. I am almost finished programming and I decided to add a tv guide that is used with KODI. The tv-guide was composed by primaeval and I ran into a couple of snags. This addon can be used as a full functional guide with tvheadend. The problem that I ran into was the channel lineup numbers were completely different from the one I had created within tvheadend. Primaeval was helping me and he changed a few things to make the channel line up coincide with tvheadends. His modification works with the regular tvheadend but it is not working with the librelec tvheadend. Primaeval posted that I needed to find the correct m3u playlist url. The one that I use is This url does play with tv guide but as I have explained, the channel lineup numbers do not coincide with tvheadends lineup. Primaeval's modification has to do with the m3u list. Is there any other url that libreelec accepts to download the m3u? This is the conversation that primaeval and I had. (TV Guide Fullscreen - possibly the most powerful TV Guide in the world. ;))