Map /storage from a different datastore

  • Dear community,

    first of all many thanks for all the good work you put in libreelec, It is the wast DVB driver support which lead me to try to use libreelec+tvheadend as my TV backend (anything I just plugged in works OOTB, unfortunately I cannot achieve this on any other Linux distro I tried).

    I'm trying to run it from my esxi host, where my standard setup is to have the OS volume on datastore1 (SSD) and the storage volumes (for recordings and timeshift) on datastore2 (hdd).

    I spent several hours researching how to re-mount /storage on LE, but to no avail.

    Many thanks!

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  • Sorry guys, I didn't get notified about your replies, thus missed them.

    Iridium I'm running LE 8.2.5 Generic from the supplied OVA file. What difference makes the H/W on a Virtual platform?

    vpeter would you be so kind and elaborate on that? If it's anywhere documented a link will be sufficient.

    Many thanks to you both,


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  • I'm aware how to map network shares in LE. I was reffering to how to export shared folders from esxi. Because that seems to be not possible due to security constraints.

    It would implicate that I need to provision another VM, with e.g. Linux or FreeNAS, setup NFS or Samba shares which would be mounted in LE. That seems overcomplicated and resource consuming in comparison to simple volume mount (I did it this way with my previous tvheadend setup on ubuntu, but as mentioned due to lack of DVB driver support I'd like to switch to LE + Tvheadend).