v8.95.3 BETA, rpi2 deinterlace tvheadend issue

  • Today I tried v8.95.2 BETA and noticed an deinterlace issue. I am watching live and recorded 1080i (25 fps) footage via the tvheadend plugin and this is stuttering. Whitelisting 1080p50 does not help. Tried all the deinterlacer options, but only disabling fixes the stutter but introduces the interlace artifacts. top showed 53% cpu usage during playback. This is on 3 different TV's

    Reverting to 8.2.5 made the tvheadend playback smooth.

    Another issue is that when I stop a video playback and main menu appears the control is frozen for a couple of seconds.

    I am afraid to say that both issues are showstoppers for me.

    Any tips?

  • I only whitelisted 1080p50 and 1080p60.

    Just a thought - when you say that you white listed them - did you make them White or Yellow in the list? Bizarrely the whitelisted refresh rates should be set to yellow. (I have no idea how that came about but it's not helpful IMHO.) The rates that remain white are effectively not used, so they are actually black-listed. I had stutter issues with some interlaced blu-ray rips today until I figured this out.

  • The are supposed to be green and grey, at least with the default skin.

    Sorry - I forgot that I use Confluence (I cannot tolerate Estuary). I shall take a look though to see if that was part of my problem.


  • v8.95.3 BETA still has the same problem, it seemed to have improved a bit, but compared to 8.2.5 the playback fps is seriously degraded.