Manual Update .tar files links are broken

  • najy76

    Changed the title of the thread from “Manual Update for LibreELEC .tar links are broken” to “Manual Update .tar files links are broken”.
  • The download area lists full releases only. Hence Slice (and Generic, and RPi, etc.) show LibreELEC 8.2.5 which is still the latest full release.

    Once LibreELEC 9.0 moves out of beta to full release .. links will be updated.

  • I have a SliceOS slice based on OpenELEC of late 2016. I wish I could update to latest LibreELEC OS, but how?

    From my understanding I can follow the procedure of flashing LibreELEC to internal eMMC, or do a manual update using one of the .tar file mentioned such as the CM1: LibreELEC-Slice.arm-8.2.3.tar.

    Unfortunatelly these .tar files are not available anymore from the site (links are broken).

    Is there any other way I can get these files? Any other way of performing an upgrade from SliceOS to LibreELEC wihtout flashing the eMMC?

    Thank you in advance

  • Ahh... I know the issue now. Slice stopped at 8.2.3 because 8.2.4 caused an issue and 8.2.5 didn't solve it, and all 8.2.3 files were removed from the server during a recent cleanup. I'll copy them back to the server from later, but you might as well install the current beta not the previous version - it's stable. NB: I'd recommend making a backup and flashing the eMMC - it's not hard and you'll get more storage and a clean system. These days there's no advantage to the NOOBs based stuff that Five Ninjas originally put on the system.