TVheadend - scanning for services

  • Hi,

    I am using RPI3B+, USB DVBSKY S960, Astra 23.5E. It is working with LE8.2.5, but it is very unstable. Sometimes I can see green artifacts on picture, sometimes sound output is stop working and sometimes whole system just freeze and I need to reboot. Practically it is unusable.

    I tried to use LE8.90.009. Maybe some fixes in kernel are already implemented here. But, I am not able to scan services.

    Scanning process on LE8.2.5 took about 15minutes and found 67 muxes and 507 services.

    Scanning process on LE8.90.009 took about 5seconds and found 48 muxes and 0 services.

    Am I missing something? I also tried latest released Raspbian + tvheaaend with kernel 4.14 and also with "next" kernel 4.19 with the same result as LE4.90.009.

    I try to found relevant information there in the forum but I am not even sure, if new kernel 4.19 can fix stability problems with DVBSKY S960 or not.



  • Klojum

    Changed the title of the thread from “TVheaend - scanning for services” to “TVheadend - scanning for services”.