LEIA - How do I get my settings and database into the Alpha version

  • hello together. got a new NUC (8i5BEK2) and I wanted to install the current version of Libreelec. Unfortunately, it does not work. Have installed Alpha Version Leia. Here everything works. How do I get my database and all settings of my old version in LEIA? The backup function did not work? Thank you very much for your help


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    Leia should upgrade your current/latest database and keep the old database on disk.

    So which version of LibreELEC did you use before all of this?

    BTW, "it does not work" is probably the worse bug description possible. How do things not work?

  • I use LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.2.5.

    When starting Libreelec the calculator gets stuck with the error message something with GPU. I can post the exact error message tonight.

    When I install Leia there are no problems and the computer starts.

    Of course, now I have the problem: how do I get all the settings, previous skins and my database in Leia without much effort?

    Does it bring something if I 8.2.5 on the old computer on LEIA update and then the image on the new computer pull?



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    Your NUC is one of the very newest models available. Intel Gen 8 graphics is likely not supported by the "old" LE 8.2.5 build.

    Saving your old 8.2.5 setup is best done by doing a full video and/or music database export (using "Separate files" is recommended) on an older/different computer. Then install Leia, and restore your video/music backups.

  • I always took the BACKUP program. This program did not work out. How can I export the database so I can import it to Leia?

    can I copy the directory with the database and paste it back into LEIA in the same directory?

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    I always took the BACKUP program. This program did not work out

    You're not making it easy for us, are you? :o) Did you use LibreELEC's Backup/Restore tool in the Settings Add-on, or did you use a separate Kodi Backup addon for this? And again... saying "not working" is not helping us either.

    If you have a new 8th gen NUC device, but you have a video library from a 8.2.5 setup, which Kodi device did you use for that 8.2.5 library? Create your backup with LE's internal backup/restore tool with that 8.2.5 device, and import the stuff into your 8th gen NUC with Kodi Leia.

    Otherwise, I'm out of ideas.

  • Ok - thanks worked.

    I have updated to Leia in the old device. Then I took the image for the new NUC.

    Thanks again to everyone!