Flatpak Support

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    With the moonlight addin no longer being supported, this would allow for moonlight-qt to be utilized.

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    Could be an easy way to get makeMKV into libreelec since it's know on flathub. In my experience bluray support is better in makeMKV compared to other methods.

    Only thing is that I don't know yet how to make use of libmmbd.so.0 from the flatpak folder.

  • Hmm that's sad.

    But is it different compared to add extra repositories? In both cases I have to trust that the maintainers are providing the software as expected that means with high integrity and timely.

    For me the first contact to flatpak is know the easy installation of makeMKV on Fedora. The alternatives to Flatpak are compiling it myself or adding an additional Repo. I tried out the first one which ended with compiling errors. The repo I found is not compatible with rpmfusion and the package is outdated. So for me it still appears as a good alternative.

    Or am I missing something?