LibreELEC 8.90.006 RPi Sony PS3 BT Remote limmited functionality.

  • Perhaps it was because of the kernel bump to 4.18.11 in this PR but something in the newest release caused my BT remote control (A PS3 BT Remote control) to only have limited functionality. Stop, menu, option keys do not respond. Only working are directional keys and Play.


  • I have the same remote and I've had this problem with recent builds. I got it working by logging in via ssh and restarting the relevant services:

    systemctl stop kodi

    systemctl restart eventlircd

    systemctl start kodi

    See if this restores functionality for you. I don't know why this started happening or how to fix the underlying issue, but if you're seeing the same result perhaps someone can help diagnose it.

  • Same problem here. And your solution fixed also my rp3 running 8.90.006. I did not have issues with previous alphas, though.

  • Could you please tell us which systems your are running LibreELEC on and post kodi debug logs where you pressed buttons that aren't working?

    Please don't restart kodi / eventlircd, just enable debug logging in Kodi, reboot LibreELEC, then press buttons and if they aren't working grab the logfile and upload it

    Provide Log File []

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  • This is my debug log kodi.log. I'm running CoreELEC as my device is S905X. Apologies if it's not appropriate for this forum, but since others had reported the same issue and no one has posted a log I thought I should post it. For my test I pressed the down arrow key twice (KEY_DOWN, one of the keys which kodi handles whether or not eventlircd is active) and then KEY_BLUE and KEY_YELLOW which I have mapped to VolumeDown and VolumeUp. Compare to this kodi.log, where I repeated the same test after restarting eventlircd.

    When this problem occurs, irw doesn't respond to any button presses even though eventlircd seems to be running in the background. Also, it doesn't happen on every boot, but most of the time it does. My suspicion is there is a race between kodi and eventlircd. If kodi starts before eventlircd, then eventlircd isn't able to capture the inputs.