Playback accidentaly stops (RPi2)

  • Dear KODI fans,

    I am experiencing issues with video playback at e.g. LibreELEC (or even OSMC or older OpenELEC) on my RPi2.

    I can start a video (from streaming add-ons, from another computer via smb, from USB stick...) but after a few secs/mins it quits to the menu.

    I have already did some periphery diagnosis and switched what I could (power plug, ethernet cable/wi-fi dongle, SD card (class 4/10, old/brand new), TV/monitor...), no change.

    It did not happen before (I did not use KODI maybe for a few months from now).

    I read numerous manuals or posts and rly honestly googled to solve this.

    Via PuTTY I created advancedsettings.xml with various vaules inspired by other users - none helped.

    Could you please check my log and try to help me?

    Thank you very much!

    Here is my log: hastebin

  • Code
    1. 15:12:21.927 T:1944973888 NOTICE: ADDONS: Using repository repository.supremebuilds

    That's the problem with those 'streaming add-ons', you never really know if they work or don't work or mess up your setup completely.

    Anything that remotely resembles a wizard or build, to install one or more add-ons for illegal video streaming is considering off-limits on this forum as well as on the Kodi forum. It is clear stated in the forum rules to which you agreed during your forum registration. In short: I suggest you find your support from wherever you downloaded your supremebuild.

  • This one I installed maybe as a last shot before I created this post

    Yeah, seeing several VPN services advertisements on that webpage doesn't help either (we all know what VPN is generally for). 3rd party add-ons also tend to install additional modules running in the background, so be sure to root out all the weed possible. Raspberry Pi devices are among the most stable devices out there. So anything stopping stuff 'accidentally' is pretty suspicious.