ExFAT HDD NFS streaming issues

  • Hi,

    i'm using Mininx uh9 as my media center while streaming from external and attached USBs i encounter some problems with buffering, if i play from an EXT4 formatted USB hdd everything runs smoothly over NFS share, howver if i play through an exfat external usb HDD it stutters then buffers then theres a loss of audio for some time and "source is too slow" message appears repeatedly.;Im running LE8.90.4

  • EXT4 is an efficient in-kernel driver. exFAT runs in userspace via translation layer (FUSE) so is less efficient. If the media file is large enough that could cause a bottleneck. Solution is to play from the EXT4 drive.

  • :( so i need to convert my 8tb to EXT4 such a a hassle, what if im plugging it directly to my u9h which is running LE?would it still cause problems?

  • It might work. It may add new problems (as playback on S912 devices is on the edge of acceptable anyway). You need to go experiment instead of asking hypothetical questions.