How to update CrazyCat driver package

  • I now even tried 8.95.3 - my two problems persist: DVB-T2 on dual tuner still not perfect, and: MP4 with MP3 audio track displays wrong remaining time and does not work well. So, currently it is still kszaq's old image I'm using.

  • Thanks for your quick info.

    Could you please explain which kszaq's build version exactly you run? My Hauppauge Dual tuner arriving today and I would like to try it with proper drivers.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I *think* I use this one: [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X - but just to make it clear: The DualHD is _not_ working flawless with that image. The main reason I still use it is that I did a lot of customization and am too lazy to redo this on any new image unless I think it's bringing me any advantage. If I would start from scratch, I might as of today give CoreELEC a try, because it currently seems to be the most bug-free amlogic incarnation of Kodi. However, being rather opportunistic, I guess the first group offering mainline kernel will be my friend, since I expect this to solve some of my issues - hope nobody feels offended... I already bought some of the guys here a beer (remotely), so I guess I might be excused :-)

    Something I feel important to emphasize: All this is done by community on spare time, and since I do not contribute anything but questions here, I do not feel entitled to "demand" anything - on the contrary! So, thanks again to all the people here doing their best to give us a good media experience - I really appreciate it and will stay patient!

    Edit: I just logged in to my box via SSH and it tells me it is LibreELEC (community): 8.90.4 (LePotato.arm) - so worst case I am just confusing things - sorry... I tried many images past then when I got my Le Potato and *may* have lost track somehow...

    Edit²: Just remembered some notes I wrote down past then, and it seems I used adamg's image after all. These are no longer available for download it seems, but CoreELEC is the follow-up project from that as I understand it. Sorry for all this confusion!

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  • Dear Hauke

    Finally my Hauppauge Dual tuner arrived.

    I tested it on my Wetek Hub with the final official release 8.95.3. Strange for me that is still with kernel 3.14

    Unfortunately I have the same issue like yours. When I watch a channel from first tuner there is no continuity errors and everything works flawlessly. When I start to watch 2 different channels from 2 different frequencies, tvheadend shows continuity errors on both tuners.

    The good news is that these errors do not affect my watching with drop frames and pixelization.

    I prefer to stay on official LibreELEC and hope that this little issue will be fix very soon.

  • Hi all,

    quick update: Last weekend my TV broke down, so I needed a quick solution, which was to attach a monitor to the Le Potato and use the dualHD with tvheadend/PVR backend. But watching TV with the dualHD was no fun: sometimes/too often the image stuttered, and the frame rate adjustment TV 25 Hz <-> Monitor 60 Hz caused subtle jitter. So I went for my own suggestion and rigged up a Raspberry as tvheadend server with kernel 4.19 (dualHD native support), pointed the PVR backend on Le Potato to the Raspberry, and enjoyed several hours of perfectly stable TV.

    I really can't wait to have the mainline kernel for Le Potato... Until then, I'll just keep the Raspberry running, wasting another 5 W of energy ;-)



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