Freeze on stopping PVR stream

  • (Raspberry Pi 3 running LE 8.2.5 and TVheadend as service + client)

    Hello. For a while now I have random freezes when stopping PVR live channels or recordings (last frame of video displayed, no response to input, SSH still working). The same happens when changing stream.

    I found the line:

    1. CMMALVideo::dec_control_port_cb Error (status=3 EINVAL)

    which happens sometimes, a short time after a stream starts - once this happens, playback continues fine - I can still access everything - until I press stop - then the freeze described above. I do have auto framerate adjustment enabled but it happens with it off as well. I have tried disabling MMAL and using OMXPLAYER instead.

    My full kodi log is here:

    Any suggestions?

  • Whoops - I had MMAL enabled there - OMXplayer works ok - but 1. costs the Pi MPEG2 license and 2. does not repect the " adjust framerate on start/stop"