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    Hello, I've come to the only place I think can offer some answers - would appreciate the help of CvH and friends!

    After working fine with libreelec and tvheadend for years, my 3 Xbox tuners have stopped working. They no longer worked in fresh installs on x86 and pi3. I guessed they must have burned out from being in a confined space over a hot summer. There were no updates or software changes made.

    Mysteriously, I bought a new Xbox tuner and it was exactly the same. Able to scan EPG but not tune to a channel. Tried again on pi3, x86, tvheadend add-on and in docker, nextpvr, ubuntu, the lot. All the same, recognised, driver loaded, but not able to tune a channel. No helpful debug log clues I have found

    So I guessed: another burned tuner? (Because I am crazy) I bought a 5th tuner (they are so cheap). Brand new, sealed, fresh. Same again.

    My setup

    LibreELEC 9.0.2 - have tried updating to 9.2.4 - same result

    NUC7PJYH Pentium J5005 Gemini Lake

    Xbox One DVB-T2 tuners x5, as above - I know they are not perfect but worked great for me

    Geniatech DVB-S2 reciever - working as normal

    Reasonable aerial signal strength that has been unchanged, my TV and Vbox can still tune from it



    Can anyone help me debug this?

    As requested here's the relevant dmesg from my working setup, there's an Xbox tuner in there as well

    (Raspberry Pi 3 running LE 8.2.5 and TVheadend as service + client)

    Hello. For a while now I have random freezes when stopping PVR live channels or recordings (last frame of video displayed, no response to input, SSH still working). The same happens when changing stream.

    I found the line:

    CMMALVideo::dec_control_port_cb Error (status=3 EINVAL)

    which happens sometimes, a short time after a stream starts - once this happens, playback continues fine - I can still access everything - until I press stop - then the freeze described above. I do have auto framerate adjustment enabled but it happens with it off as well. I have tried disabling MMAL and using OMXPLAYER instead.

    My full kodi log is here:

    Any suggestions?

    Sounds like same issue here with a brand new Mygica HDStar DVB-S2 USB. Not appearing in TVheadend tuner list under both LibreElec 8.2.5 official and Ubuntu server 18.04 with kernel 4.16. Relevant section of dmesg from Ubuntu below:

    and lsusb -v:

    And in /dev/dvb:

    ~$ ls /dev/dvb/adapter0
    demux0  dvr0  net0 #mygica dvbs2
    ~$ ls /dev/dvb/adapter1
    demux0  dvr0  frontend0  net0 #Xbox One tuner

    Have tried with dvb-fe-ds3000.fw in /lib/firmware. Are we waiting for new drivers or firmware for these devices then? Is there a good thread to follow for progress on this issue? Let me know if there's more info anyone needs as I'm not a linux expert myself. Also want to thank everyone here for lots of help over the past 2 years!