Remote.conf kszaq WARNING, and internal install/ deprecated- TWRP?

  • I am confused by kszaq red WARNING note under S805 generic TIPS & TRICKS re: remote.conf problems, which should apply equally to S905/912 builds too:

    [] LibreELEC 8.0 for S805


    Unless you have Android installed on internal, you might have remote.conf issues..."

    1. Does this (typo?) by any chance mean that with LE installtointernal, there should be no IR remote mismatch problems?

    That these problems arise only with dual boot SD install?

    *Below I refer to kszaq LE 805/905/905X latest builds available.*

    2. How about the case with SD LE boot with internal data install?

    Would one still run into remote.conf problems?

    3. Is it enough to copy the Android /system/etc/remote.conf file to your SD card root containing your img and dtb files required to boot from SD card?

    I copied remote.conf from Android /system/etc to SD card root as above but without luck for my Yuntab MXV S805.

    My Nexbox A95X box with S905X Android 6.1 works fine including remote from SD card boot.

    The Yuntab MXV S805 Android 4.4.2 boots LE from SD; however none of the remote.conf files on kszaq 805 site work (I keep overwriting new trial files over existing ones in SD card root folder.)

    Strangely with the bottom side recovery button pressed and power cord then inserted, MXV box never entered recovery-just booted from Android 4.4.2 normally. But then I am able to boot LE from SD card anyway with the button pressed !

    ( The 3rd box, Richino S905 boots fine from Android 5.1.1, but the full SD card slot doesn't seem to do anything with various SD cards inserted.)

    Maybe I should try the #1,2,3 remote.conf files at ?

    4. According to chewitt installtointernal is now deprecated... ( March 26, 2018 thread.)

    Does this mean kszaq 805/905 builds will continue having this feature, but newer builds won't?

    Is the installtointernal script part of ?

    5. As alternative, is it possible to take kszaq builds and use some program like TWRP to install to internal memory, and also backup/restore LE system and data and boot etc files?

    Thanks !:cool:

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