Adding own certs to connect via webdavs/sftp again

  • Has this fix been migrated to other builds too?

    I'm running libreelec on an intel platform and have a need to use a self signed certificate (sophos utm web filtering). Without this certificate present, clients https session are blocked.


  • It's in LE master so any recent LE9-based build will have it. For LibreELEC 8.2.y you'll be dependent on a custom backport.

  • Hello community

    i have tried adding my self signed synology to get webdavs working correctly on the new build 8.90.005

    However, it is warning me: CCurlFile::Exists - Failed: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates(60)

    So i tried installing certificates. My Synology nas gives me two certificates: synology-ca-cert.pem and cert.pem

    I have tried copying the synology-ca-cert to the /storage/.config/cacert.pem but that lead to this error:

    CCurlFile::Exists - Failed: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK(51)

    The certificate is one signed by synology. ( i connect via a name)

    Any idea why this might not be working?

    remark: would it be helpul to once connect to the host via SSL?

    That would ask for the ECDSA key fingerprint and will add it to the list of known hosts.

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